Welcome to the web site of Unity Center for Unlimited Possibilities. We are located in Williamsville, New York,  a lovely suburb of Buffalo.

Unity Center for Unlimited Posibilities takes a very positive approach to Christianity.

Our basic textbook for Truth is the Bible.  Jesus is our Savior, Teacher, Brother, and our Friend. We worship the Christ.

You are welcome to join us for our 10:30am Sunday Service with Reverend Marge Reid and a friendly congregation! You will be warmly greeted without your space being invaded. Refreshments follow the service.

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~ Myrtle Fillmore
A Principle based class that will inspire and train you to get the same results.


Join us at Rev Marge's home for "Spiritual Economics," by Eric Butterworth a study of Unity Prosperity principles to lift your prosperity consciousness and create a new economical conversation and understanding.

For information about attending this class contact: unityst@roadrunner.com

Unity Center of Unlimited Possibilities is a light set on a hill from which the love and healing power of the whole Spirit of God shines forth to lift, bless, heal and prosper the world & all who come here.

We honor the true Self (the Christ) by providing opportunities to develop one's whole being through a Unity education.

The Spirituality of Our Words ~ Rev Marge Reid

WORDS: I realize the power of words.  They give expression to Divine Ideas.  They are the physical expression of our thoughts. Jesus told us, "By your words you are justified, and by your words you will be condemned." Matthew 12:37

Whether we speak words aloud or hold them within our minds and hearts, they are spiritual building blocks.  As we speak, we align with the Creative Process. The Principle of Co~Creation.

Grasp this idea for yourself: "I Am One with God (Absolute Good) and with all Humanity."

In the good book of Genesis,  we are told that we are "created in the image and likeness of the Creator.  Hummmm...  Does that mean that we are all "children of God?"  Perhaps all of humanity has spiritual DNA and the potential to express in the image of Absolute Good ?"

This can't be so, can it ...?

Mary Keperle, Unity author wrote, "Words of Truth" are the language of prayer and if we desire results, we must learn to speak its language."

As "Students of Truth," during these trying times, let us speak words of truth and hold the mental images that fulfill God's will for us.  According to the Exacting Principle of God's Omnipresent Creative Spirit, there is no lack in (Absolute Good) our unlimited Source of Supply.

Lent is a wonderful time to give something up.  How about giving up the appearance of lack. "Just say "no" to lack.  Jesus said, "let your yes be yes and your no be NO!"

So we say....NO TO LACK... we give it up!

By speaking words of faith, courage, and confident expectation of good, "by our words we will be justified," according to scripture.

Schiller said, "Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily."

Affirm with me: "I have faith in the creative power of my thoughts and words. I think and speak only that which I desire to see manifested in my life."

Top it off with these steadfast decrees: "I AM a living expression of God's Abundant Good. 
I receive and distribute God's never-failing bounty. I AM One with God (Absolute Good) and all of Humanity!"

Metaphorically, we are kneeling at the 'altar' as we think and speak "this language of prayer."

Let us now relax, sit back and watch our incoming abundance flow.

As a child of "the kingdom within Words of Truth " open the mind and one sees only truth, love, peace, light and abundance .

"Children of God" can make their contribution to humanity by holding the High Watch for Abundance.  During 'these times' we can generate a powerful new 'Words of Truth' economic conversation that is with us always. This powerful conversation overides any economic conversation of lack.

Be steadfast in your decrees: "I AM a living expression of God's Abundant Good.  I receive and distribute God's never-failing bounty. I AM One with God (Absolute Good) and all of Humanity!"

Many blessings to all of us!

Love, Peace and Prosperity,

Rev. Marge

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